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Visual Touch

VisualTouch is a further extension to Cuelux Pro. It is a free, standalone software application that can trigger events within the Cuelux Pro controller. VisualTouch is equipped with a User Interface especially designed for use with Touch Screens. This makes it an ideal companion to Cuelux Pro when applied in a fixed installation, using VisualTouch to run Sequences and control fixtures, or any other feature in Cuelux Pro

VisualTouch is designed to have no editing capability, making it a fool-proof interface that can safely be presented to non-lighting technicians. In a typical installation bar staff may be left to control any changes in the environment. With VisualTouch they can simply select the required function button on the touch screen to make such changes, without room for error.



The User Interface is set into a ‘Nightvision’ mode, optimized for dark environments.



VisualTouch can be locked with a password; still allowing any user to operate the touch screen interface, however, at the same time making sure that only authorised staff can change the program's settings or exit the application.